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High quality handcrafted necklace comes in black or beige cord with 1/12 oz ounce of local Earthlands Farm honey. Honeybee bead changes from brown to green, blue and purple as you wear it. A unique gift to remind us all of the beautiful life lessons of a honeybee below! (note below included in gift box). 100% of funds go towards expanding our hives at Earthlands Farm to help the local environment. 


"I am insignificant, but my 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey counts."

A single honeybee will produce 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey in her lifetime, a tiny fraction of the hundred pounds of honey that a typical colony needs to survive. This requires a single bee to visit about 30,000 flowers in her lifetime. It takes an entire hive of hardworking honeybees (about 50,000 bees) visiting over 2.6 million flowers to produce just 1 lb/16 oz jar of honey. A bee doesn't do the work for herself, and she won’t directly benefit from the honey she makes; instead, her small contribution of 1/12 oz of honey will allow future generations to thrive after she is gone. 


As humans, this is how we too can change the world — by humbly not worrying about the size of our contributions and by letting our efforts join the actions of others. If you want to take on big problems, try thinking like a bee. 


Inspiring Life Lessons from the Humble Honeybee:

  • Bee Cooperative: bees need to work together - If one bee is suffering or falling behind, the others step up and do the work, making sure that collective productivity is never reduced
  • Bee Efficient: Honeybees don’t multitask. Instead, they focus only on the top priority. They each have different jobs and they stick to them. This is how they are efficient, wasting no time on anything other than living their purpose and contributing where they are most capable.
  • Bee Humble: don't let ego get in the way & think of the needs of the collective community 
  • Bee One with Nature - value the life around you 
  • Bee Grateful: thank those around you, especially Mother Nature. 


100% of the funds from your honey necklace purchase will go towards increasing our bee populations and expanding the number of hives we have in our bee apiary at Earthlands Farm to contribute to the local environment & organic food supply:

  • Beekeeping promotes local pollination, which is critical to our local food supply
  • Beekeeping provides food for predators to balance the food chain
  • Beekeeping helps to maintain nature’s balance for all living things

Honey Necklace: Represents the Life Lessons from the Honeybee

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