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Educational experiences that connect us back to the Earth, ourselves, and each other. 


About Earthlands Farm & Education Center

Earthlands Farm & Education Center is a family owned, 80 acre property nestled in the picturesque forests of the Quabbin Reservoir about an hour west of the Boston area. Earthland's 501c3 environmental education nonprofit has existed for almost 50 years, but it is only in its second year of full scale farming! We use regenerative agricultural practices to build our soil’s health and productivity, free of chemical herbicides, pesticides, and synthetic fertilizers. As we grow, we are expanding our infrastructure to offer transformational education in the form of classes, workshops, retreats and events for adults and children. We believe that physical, spiritual and mental health starts with connecting with the Earth, then with ourselves, and then with each other. Through our education and farming efforts, we are dedicated to awakening the highest potential in the human spirit, whole body wellness and planetary wellbeing.


Buy Farm Fresh Honey & Veggies

Enjoy farm fresh honey or w vegetables straight from the farm. 

& Nutrition

Check out our recipes and nutrition section to not only discover fun and delicious recipes for cooking and canning/preserving, but also learn about the health benefits of the many vegetables our farm has to offer!

Follow Our Journey

Follow us as our farm grows, stay posted on current farm happenings and watch us stumble & learn in our early years of growing our farm! We hope by watching us learn & get inspired, you'll learn & get inspired too!

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